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Additional Property Information

Available on the Property by Prior Reservations

  • Two cruiser bicycles for cycling around Paint Lick
  • Outside Fire Pit (Firewood and S’mores supplies available)
  • On-site Home Brewery; H. H. Gumbert Beer (additional charge)
  • On-site professional family photographer / Liz Thomas Photography (additional charge)



  • We employ local staff to assist in all daily operations of The Denny House.
  • Vegetables and herbs grown in organic gardens on the property are used fresh during the growing season and preserved for winter use.
  • We buy from and barter with local community growers and, when possible, buy certified organic products to ensure that money is returned to the local community. Breakfast meats are obtained from local organic farms through Marksbury Market located in Lancaster, 9 miles to the west of town.  Organic vegetables and fruits are obtained from Lazy Eight Farm located 5 miles from Paint Lick.
  • A hen house on the property provides fresh eggs that are used for breakfast and fresh baked goods. You may also buy a dozen to take back home with you.
  • Our Shiitake mushroom log yard occasionally provides fresh mushrooms, exquisite ingredients for breakfast. When available, extra mushrooms may also be bought to take home.
  • A hops garden is planned for the property for use in the making of beer at the on-site H.H. Gumbert Brewery.
  • We take an environmentally conscious approach to waste management through recycling, reusing and composting, and purchasing items with limited packaging.
  • We take a historical approach to architectural design, taking advantage of natural light during daylight hours. The house is furnished with pieces that are typical of the Victorian
  • We limit water consumption by allowing guests to determine the frequency of linen changes.
  • We use biodegradable cleaning agents made with natural ingredients as much as possible.